Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Who Knew

This would be my most favorite picture of us as a family?
This would be the moment before the moments after?
This feeling in my gut would not waiver?
This life would evolve without you next to me?
This mom would shed tears for no reason even still?
This dad would anguish over you and worry over me?
This life would be so different?

Who Knew...

How beautiful you would become?
How Powerful your message?
How thoughtful your whispered moments?
How gentle your kiss from the wind?
How Silence in a moment could flood so many memories?
How much your death would hurt me and heal me?
How often I say your name?

                                                            you did.

I love you Joseph Henry Jean.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Light Chasers

You were born into a strange world.  Like a candle you were meant to share the fire.   I don't know where we come from and I don't know where we go.   But my arms were made to hold you, so I will never let you go.  Cuz you were born, to change this life.  You were born, to chase the light.   Cuz you were born.   Love your mother, yeah she's a good one.   She'll build you armor; keep you warm as a hen.   The stars may fall and the rains may pour but I will love you evermore.  Cuz you were born, to make this right.   Cuz you were born, to chase the light.  Cuz you were born.   Oh my precious, oh my love, when they come to take me, I will hold  you from above.   I don't know why we're here and I don't know how, but I'm here with you now, I'm here with you now.  Cuz you were born.  To change this life.  Cuz you were born, to make this right.  Cuz you were born to chase the light.  Cuz you were born.

Joseph Henry Jean...   all my love... can you hear mommy?  I love you and I sing this song to you in heaven.   10-15-09 - 10-16-09.   Chase the light my son....

Song by Clout Cult "you were born" on the album Light Chasers.