Thursday, September 17, 2015

Joseph,   This was the moment that I met you.  it took me 10 hours to get to you for this moment... the best moment in my life.  I had a son and you are beautiful.
There is a cap under your gauge and pick line in your belly..   but all I can see are your perfect toes and fingers.. your sweet lips, nose and eyes,  I feel you so deeply in just my touch of your skin.

 The Moment I held you.... still takes my breath away.   what I remember and what I feel and what I can still recall in the scent and taste of your being... very real. 
 This was the moment...  your moment where you told us it was time to let you go.....  shared between love and held in the light and life your parents..  between us our only being... our creation and then you in turn became the creation of so much more.   this moment changes my life forever.

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Anonymous said...

Brandy, I am so happy to read your blog again. I started reading it shortly after Joseph passed, I remember when you wrote about you and Paul creating memories during a remembrance class you attended after Joseph was gone. I was pregnant with my first son at the time. He is almost 6, incredible to think Joseph would be 6.

I, too, suffer from infertility, and have a set of fraternal twins from IVF treatments. I think of your family often, although I have never lost a child, your writing speaks to me (this post especially).

I hope you continue to write, thank you.