Monday, November 11, 2013

Loving life... growing fast... and back to work.

These are the days.. moments and reasons that make everything we have gone thru so worth it.   These are the times where I stop for a moment and look back..  take a deep breath and just smile.    We made it.   Our little family complete.   Our hopes realized our belief in family here.   

Zooming toward my return to work the girls will be 3 months in just a few weeks.   They have more than doubled in weight and are actually on the "growth chart"   (never had that before lol)   Wren is my Biggie Small's   She is 9lbs now and can roll over, smile and is really awake and alert.    She is a good eater and a better snuggler...  She is very patient and sweet and relaxes back to soak it all in.    Bryn is my Itty Bitty.   She is feisty and firey and does not wait for anything.    She is 7 lbs now, not as good of an eater but she won't give up.  Bryn will let you know what she wants and when she wants it...  this child will be taking the world by storm in no time.   (shhh don't tell her she was only 3lb at birth).

JJ is amazing and is tender and kind with his littles...   he needs us more than ever and although we are in survival mode over here.. we wouldn't have it any other way.   Paul and I split our time up on the weekends to make sure he gets one on one attention....   he has had to watch more TV than before but hey.. we had twins cut us a break :)    

This life and our journey has been so challenging... in so many ways..   but, looking back each step has provided us the growth to move forward and given us the strength to move on.    Our road paved down to get us ready for life with 3 children on earth and 1 in heaven.... our precious reminder to slow down and enjoy the drive.  

So here we are .... after 4 years and 4 babies...  together in one place.    MY WHOLE WORLD.