Monday, August 12, 2013

Keeping on....

Well.... the girls are tough cookies and we are here almost 32 weeks along now... Both girls made it to the 3lbs marker and that is more than I could have hoped for. Little Bryn did fall behind a little bit in growth this week prompting us to need one more growth scan in 3 weeks... that is OK I never tire of looking at those sweeties.... Wren was a rock star and gained a ton of weight and now is caught up to me... she is 3lbs and 13oz. We have moved our C-Section to Friday the 13th.. I'm so happy about the prospect of being 36 weeks that I can't hardly stand it. I still think they are going to try to sneak out earlier considering JJ was delivered at 34 weeks..but you never know. I've had such a mixed bag of emotions and slowing down. I have guilt over not picking up JJ and guilt over not being albe to do some housework etc... but I'll get over it. Most of the time I've been working and that is just good for me. I have a big project at work and it continues to drive me Monday thru Friday. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't keep my mind busy all the time. In other news.. my MIL will be here in October to help with the babies and I am so happy about that. She is so sweet and tender and loving and will be able to help so much with both the girls and getting JJ out of the house! I'm also so greatful as she does not get to visit often due to money and travel time but hey.. I'm getting a week and that rocks. I've finally opened up the flood gates of spending for the little ladies. I bought all the paintings for the Nursery
   Yup - that is the theme - all in black and white with the edges in soft purple....  the carpet is gray and the beds and dressers are white...   we will paint the walls purple too....    (once they get here of course) 

I love the way things are coming together and can't wait for the final outcome to come to light.

"keep on keeping on"

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