Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I am so happy to be at 30 weeks. My Dr's pleased with the progress of the girls. My body crapped out last weekend after doing too much but.. hey I'm still at 30 weeks. Likely to deliver at 35 weeks 36 weeks the stretch goal I am in the HOME stretch of twin pregnancy. All of the things a normal pregnancy comes with only 2 fold... the last weeks of every pregnancy are hard... seems like with twins "extra" hard. My hips hurt my back hurts and I literally have to push back in certain parts of my body when I stand up! LOL - Everything leaks and nothing shuts off including my mind. Bags are packed and some outfits have been purchased... mostly just on pins and needles until I hear them.. see them... feel them and hold them! I need all of the 5 or 6 weeks left for the girls to keep growing. we are so very hopeful that nothing else comes up in the cord issues and the growth goes on! We keep going to Apts and coming back home so nothing in my mind can stop us except little Bryn's VCI. I have to say that the Girls care has been great - the momma care that I've gotten... not so much. I'm not very pleased with the amount of time the Dr's actual work with me on my issues... like above where I have to push everything back inside. ha ha.. but I can only be my own advocate and push them to communicate with me more clearly and push them to set up NSTs ect.. Push them to set a due date and remind them I need to sign a lot of paperwork for C-Section and Tubal.. so lets get on it. All in all the girls are going to be ok - 32 weeks is the next goal. Then 34... Then delivery!!!! So Very happy!

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