Monday, July 8, 2013

27 weeks... and counting

Well...  Here I am 27 weeks with the Twinkies and counting....  I actually feel better today than I have for 7 weeks.   I had a nice 4 day weekend.   The girls made it another week inside and appear to have found a growth chart for themselves.   Dr's are happy that my Glucose test and all other tests appear to be perfect and normal...   Yes I Said normal.    So we get to skip a week of Dr's visits and don't go back until 7/19... This makes me so happy and also a little worried.. only because they have been looking so close for so long.   Once I'm 28 weeks....  everything else will be gravy...  Dr's now have sights on getting me to 34 weeks!  This is awesome awesome news.   Next week I'll begin to buy some stuff..... just a little to get us to where we need to be when they come home.  

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Miss B said...

What a beautiful picture!!