Tuesday, June 11, 2013

UCSF - and the plan

My Trip to UCSF was eventful.   It started out early last Thursday morning.   I met with a team of Dr's.   They did ultrasounds, dopplers, Cardio Echo's, Placenta mapping and well.. who knows what else all in one day.   This facility IS the last stop in getting answers for high risk multiple pregnancy and one of only 2 places in the world to preform inter utero surgery.

First - Tiny baby Bryn (B) grew.   no much but at her own pace.  Baby Wren (A) also grew at her pace.
Both girls are significantly behind me.. .in growth.  I am 23 weeks.   They are 20 and 21 weeks respectively.
The growth discrepancy is significant enough to plan for an early delivery.   Aim for 32 weeks and hope that they make it to 28 or 30.  

Everything they found in all my testing indicate that the girls have Cord issues (confirmed from previous post) they have perfect hearts... nothing else wrong with them.    The lasting effects of depleted nutrients to the brain will be the only factor to contend with and premature birth.

I've experienced every emotion in the world and have resided to just stay positive until the time comes when we have to go to deliver...  then start praying they make it without long term nasty effects of being preemie.
I have a lot of pictures of the babies... but none of the two together...  hopefully as they grow we can get them to show up at the same time.

I just want to be normal...  to deliver two healthy little girls... to have a completed family and continue on with our life as we have it..  we have so much love to give and so much of it dedicated to family...  
Still hoping for September.  Realistically knowing it could be August... not wanting anyone to arrive in July!


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