Saturday, June 1, 2013

So Tiny

She is so Tiny that the Dr's can't believe she even grew.   Small changes in her body, Tiny... perfect.. normal just stunted.    What turns out to be a VCI not all the horrifying things previously stated I am staring at the face of inter utero surgery.

Our baby B was found to have nothing wrong with her...  nothing....   except her cord did not insert into the placenta correctly.  She is not getting the nutrients to grow.   They yet don't know if this is something she can overcome.....sustain... or will ultimately be her death.  

I am flying to San Francisco to UCSF in hopes of getting the plan of what to do for our little Bryn.
The Dr's in Arizona have no good choices and well... in hopes of saving our Baby A Wren.. we have some very difficult decisions to make.

Holding onto Hope...   Hope.... and Hope....focusing on Bryn and what we can do for her...  Holding all of the light I have in my heart to her.... we keep going.

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