Friday, May 10, 2013

Half Way to Home

This week marks a good point in the pregnancy.   I'm halfway!   I laugh as I am typing this because the second half will be during the summer in Arizona.  Temps have already hit 100 and I pretty much am going to be huge..  I love it.  I'm glad for it and I hope that I can keep working just the way I have been for the first half.   All of my appointments have been incredible and my health and the girls health is perfect.    I feel blessed and happy that I've been so good this time around with only 3 full on panic attacks so far (with JJ it was daily)

The stats:
Baby A - Is measuring just slightly bigger than her sister - she is on my left side and likes to lay sideways.
She is a mover and very active...   She is perfectly on target at this stage.
Baby B - Is measuring just behind (by a day) but her heart rate and all that she is is beautiful.   She is up and down and is on my right side feet down head up :)  She doesn't move as much and reminds me of JJ as that is the way he was the whole pregnancy...

Both girls continue to have good fluid inside and that is significant for TTTS - So far no signs of this happening and I could not be happier with the way things are going   My blood pressure has stayed down this time and my cervix is closed closed and long.. (don't move please don't move too early)

half way to home - Keep on praying that they make here safe..  Counting down the weeks to Viability!  6 to go!

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