Friday, April 26, 2013


we are having girls...   2 beautiful wonderful ladies to join the clan...

If I am being really honest with myself .... I'm terrified of the twins being girls.. and excited too don't get me wrong it is a whole new world for us....  being a Boy momma all this time has made me feel one way toward parenting.  I wonder if I will change the way I am for the little ladies?   I'm not frilly...but I love purple.. so that is a start I guess. 

I just had my 16 weeks appointment.  All is perfect.  Both little ladies are swimming around and kicking and even sucking thumbs.   My morning sickness (except when one guy at works makes really strong instant coffee)  is gone.    I love that I feel good again.   I do have pains in my hips as the muscles stretch and shift.  I am anxious to get to 24 weeks...  Thank goodness it is only 8 to go.

For those of you who read but don't "know" what it is like to have a child die... 24 week marker in pregnancy is huge.  It is the first day that your unborn child "could" live outside the womb.   It is called Viability day.... I don't want them to be born at 24 weeks because survival rates are very low (less than 50%) but...... at least the Dr's will do something to save them.   Born any earlier there is nothing a hospital will do.   So... I am waiting for that day... that day is in 8 weeks and I am ready!

Here is the timeline.   24 weeks = viability; 28 weeks= brain development; 32 weeks lungs develop more rapidly 34 weeks we are doing good (this is the week JJ was born)  and 35-37 weeks for me would be a miracle!   In my mind I'm keeping it open as to when they come but  the IDEAL date would be September 12-18th...  so start thinking those dates in your mind too!

so...  what do I need to do to get ready for the ladies?
Carpet the new nursery (long long overdue)
buy 2 car seats
buy 1 double pack n play (yes they make those)

the rest can wait until they are here.. safe and happy...

Oh yeah.. I need to buy a new car also!  LOL - 3 car seats won't fit into the one I've got!  

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