Friday, March 1, 2013

My Birthday

I turned 38.   Seems like I should be 28 or 30 and then at the same time it feels like I should be 58 with the lives that I have led.   So many mixed emotions.  I'm pregnant with twins... I have a 2 year old at home (almost) a wonderful loving and kind Husband to share it all with.   I am blessed beyond measure.   Some may look and still think how sad things are without our Joseph here but I know that sad days happen or moments but I am not sad.   I have so much love in my life.    I'm only 8 weeks along on this Journey.  I'm aiming for 37 though with twins likely it will be sooner.   They have 2 sacs but share a placenta.. ..  Placenta abruption is what took our sweet baby Joe so there is that to contend with.. All in good time for now just to know that they are in there.  Happy 38th to me with all that life has given and taken I am so excited and proud to be where I am today.   With all the hope I can have for the future it is there.   Be calm, Be happy and everything will be alright. 

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