Friday, February 22, 2013


 Twins...Twins...!!!   Wonder upon wonder...  2 Bean Jeans....   One embryo split into two?  I guess I've always known this is a possibility but just assumed always that when we put two embryo in that those would make the twins.  Never did I imagine that one would not take and the other would divide beautifully into two!   Two beautiful heartbeats... Two beautiful chances of hope and love.   A Double Rainbow for sure.   I feel Calm.. I feel Happy..  and I know everything will be alright.    Keep on Keeping on bean Jeans.   Grow and thrive and live.    EDD 10/09/13 but with Twins and Joseph's story likely they will be delivered 09/11/13 or 09/18/13 if we can make it longer.    This brings a new meaning to the words SHOCK AND AWE!  I am humbled by this and I am amazed by this -  Both are growing right on track and both have beautiful hearts beating away.   This is love... This is life..  reach for the stars dream big and life does not disappoint~!
7 Weeks 1 Day - Released to the regular OB.  It feels like graduation day!

The Bean Jean's


Kerry Ann said...

AMAZING. Love it. I can't wait to spread the word to the rest of my family! Love you!

Miss B said...

Oh Brandy!! We've been praying for your little sweet baby for so many nights now this is so wonderful I cannot express my excitement, now we have another sweet little baby to pray for who would've thought?! How wonderful God is, simply amazing and that sweet baby Joseph protecting them.