Friday, February 15, 2013


There are several moments in time... in life... where you are just silent with your self and know that all is right with the world.   We saw the heartbeat today.   A little flicker of hope and momentum to keep on keeping on.   So far this pregnancy has been a giant roller coaster.  Up and down.. crying and bleeding.  Too much blood for a baby to be there.   and yet..  If even for this moment.  if this is for always and ever...  this perfect instant where life can be seen.   Precious one inside me now..  you are loved.  You are wanted.. you are protected in heaven and here on earth and we love you.   All of this to you my sweet child.   Spend time... stay safe.. grow big.   Until then I will open the heart bigger for you and breathe this miracle of life and time.


I'm following the advise of Fran and her new book and adding a Mantra to this baby.

"be calm, be happy, everything will be alright"

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