Monday, February 4, 2013

Beta Hell

The fertility beta hell is a real mind bender.  Nobody ever in the world should have to wait for such a tourcherous result.   My opinion is they should take your blood ONCE...  then tell you to come back in 3 weeks for an ultrasound... see if anything is a cooking.    This blood draw "double" dance we have been on is a killer workout of mind, body and soul.   Our numbers mean nothing to the regular human... they mean EVERYTHING to a fertility war hero (such as myself).  Our first numbers were fantastic.. in fact the Dr. even said it was a strong number....  beta 2 did not double as you know and they really look for at least 70%.  Mine was not even that..   but it did rise soo.. I got the pleasure of going in for a 3rd beta.  Had my eggs just taken a little longer to pre-bake because they were frozen?

Results Beta 3!  409!  Still rising but very low and not a double at all...  

Dear Jean BEAN - grow baby grown - we need 800 on Wednesday so Friday Beta will push us over 1000 mark..   Likely this will be  your last chance -  COME ON BABY

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