Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When I take to long to blink

That is when I know that I've been day dreaming of Joseph. I am really happy and enjoying every single moment of my life.. and then I forget to blink again and remember that there is a WHOLE person missing and that part of me is still vacant. It happens all the time... the blank stare into space when I capture a certain smell or feeling in the air. It happens during conversations with just about everyone. I have found a way to work around these brief moments of relapse into grief... When I look into Jonathan's eyes and see the "knowing" that he has a brother in heaven...
Just saying it still happens daily.

Joesph can you hear mommy? I miss you my son.. deep in my heart I love you. mom.

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Christy said...

Brandi--the pain is real. It's fresh. It's always there, always a distraction away.

Our pictures of our sweet boys are similar--I so wish I had a picture of me kissing him like you in this picture. I don't even remember if I did. Isn't that awful?

Your comment on my blog about going to get JJ so you could snuggle with him was just like a warm hug for me, when I really needed it. Thank you sweet friend.