Sunday, March 25, 2012

Butterfly Garden

There is a space.. near your space and it is called the butterfly garden. We didn't put you there as it just didn't seem the right choice... Somehow I feel you visiting all the other babies when I go.. First I spend my time next to you feeling your tiny foot.. then I reach inward and wait for the next beat of my heart so I can feel your sweet hug. When I stand up and view over the flower dotted lawns and past the benches and tress... I see them... The other babies.. I feel them and the loss of them as I did for you but, not like you. Somehow the loss of those other babies is more sad. I think that is because I am knowing and guiding others in this journey. As if I need to be there to touch each one and make sure each have a new flower, bow or car... I walk to the butterfly garden... with you in my heart and I weep for them... Do you help the new ones in heaven? Do you see them before they get there? Hold their hand Joseph..I'll hold their mommies from here. I love you so much my big, almost three year old little man.

I have never been more proud. Mom.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

One but More...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jonathan Cooper Jean 03-15... One Year;
Little Dude, JJ, Stinky, The Kid, Jon Jon, Super wonder!

He is smart and funny, loving and very Aware... He healed us.. and changed us and has continued to surprise us with his talents.

Jonathan knew his big brother while in heaven.. and clearly has a strong brotherly bond. He brought a part of heaven down to earth when he came. Our Family Unit Strong.. Remembered.. together...

With so much love in my heart.. and so many thanks to this community.. without your love and support I'm still not sure I'd be where I am. Knowing.. Loving.. remembering.. caring.. hoping.. and forever changed mother of 2.. Time heals...In one year.. I am a mother in heaven and on earth. My roles very different for the boys.. but yet the same.. My eyes open to this world and beyond. My heart broken and mended... different, better..When I look up... well you get the picture.