Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Virus strikes

I Loathe taking JJ to daycare. we have a virus now.. fever of 103 and can't keep anything even pedialite down.. Poor guy. No relief for him and this is day 4.. going on 5. We return to the Dr tomorrow hopeful for an IV. I know who hopes for one of those.. me... who knows that it has to be better for him than all this needless throw up and heartache.

He is too cute for this.. (I know I know we all say that)

On a good note.. we are 4 weeks away from his First birthday - Happy 11 month old. JJ is 20 lbs.. 31 inches and walking like a champ.. He says Hey Dad.. Dadda.. something like thank you. He knows sign language like.. all done.. more and eat. Everyday we love him more as we watch this kid learn and explore..he is our happy.. our love. our light and our connection to Joseph in heaven. We love our life still, always and more.

Joseph can you hear momma? I know you can as you continue to share your gifts with us.. Thankyou for my sunrise in Florida on my way home.. I felt you deep in my heart.


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

I hope he gets better soon Brandy.
Almost a year old?? YAYYYYY! He's so cute, I love the photo.

Christy said...

Aren't they so much fun at this age! Thanks for your comment on my blog--Owen is about the same size as JJ I think! And he was walking just after he turned 11 months, too! Can't wait to see your 1st year pictures--he is such a cutie!