Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I had my corporate picture taken... Here it is. Wow has time changed me. This is the first professional picture of me in almost 3 years. I am a lot closer to 40 than I expected. (HA HA) I guess I still feel so young inside that it surprised me a bit to see that I'm older. What is more surprising is that I can see the grief still on my face. I see Joseph in my eyes and around my smile. I see the hidden element of what grief does to you emotionally. Yes I am smiling.. I love to smile.. life is still good but I am so different that I expected. Time heals.. life changes... we move forward with our children in our hearts.. Seeing this, I know what it looks like to lose a child.. I'm sure now when I look at others I will be more knowing too. Can't hid from loss even if you have it all figured out.. it is always with us.

Joseph can you hear mommy? As our worlds still collide I see you.. I see that I carry you everywhere and not just in my heart. You are written all over my face.. I love you sweet son! mom.


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Indeed, time heals. Thank God for time.

You can't hide from loss, and the gift is empathy and love is the result of our hardships.

Love seeing your bright smile in this photo Brandy.

Ashley said...

Every part of that picture is beautiful. That is a picture of an angel on earth. That is a picture of one of my dearest friends, who continues to give me hope. I love that lady, and every experience that has made her extraordinary!