Friday, October 28, 2011

Doggie = not the dada

so for some time now little JJ has been talking up a storm. He talks to himself all the time in his crib and I often feel like he and his big brother are swapping stories of what life is like in heaven and on earth. Big J is teaching Little JJ how to communicate with me and be funny/silly so that I understand the difference between the two and how they work together to tag team me... I love the sparkle it gives me and feeling of awe when I notice that what I'm hearing is a practical joke from Joseph... delivered to his brother directly from heaven...

This is what I mean... JJ is very sweet very loving little boy who is serious and thoughtful like his dad. Joseph in my mind was a little "gus" bully that would steal your milk money at lunch and then be a class clown, like his momma. So Jonathan started talking a lot.. Dad... dadda.. daddee.. Being the mom I am still pushing hard for the momma daily.. telling him mom..mommie.. mommmmm so he can learn..

Yesterday JJ being held in my arms.. Reaches in so loving holds my cheeks in his two little hands.. leans in.. open mouth kisses me with slime and drool.. Pulls back Fast, Laughs and looks deep into my eyes... and says "Dogie" and then gives me a hug.

man being the "not the dada is hard" being the dogie? Oh well thanks Joseph for the jokes on mom.. telling the brother what to do and say to make me feel you..

God I love my boys... Man I love this life... Amazing

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