Friday, October 14, 2011

2 Years.. and a whole lot of love

2 years turns fast, quicker than tomorrow.
Love always lasts, and so does the sorrow.
Hand in hand they come, Love and despair.
They walk with one another, as a perfect pair.

Love brings warmth, confidence and cheer.
Despair cast doubt, pain and fear.
Without despair, love has no feeling.
Without Love, despair has no meaning.

neither of the pair, know about the concept of time.
Both know the good of innocence and the evil of crime.

Love sits high above the curtains, on top the valance.
Despair crawls on the floor, sits low, and keeps balance.
Without love, despair sits alone, in a two person booth.
Without despair, love is empty, and lacks real truth.

In that balance, between extreme pain and the perfect love.
In that challenge, of not drowning, keep a head above.

THIS is the space where someone can live forever.
Chaotic, yet lovely, it is what the universe really tells
about despair, perfect love and the balance felt...
To parent a child in heaven.

Joseph Henry Jean, I know you hear me sweet little one, my own. I miss you and love with all my heart. 2 years and still more for you and from you each day. I miss you, Mom.


Christy said...

happy birthday sweet Joseph! xoxo

Ashley said...

Beautiful Brandy. Strange how you have to know heartache to know true love. And strange how that special love makes the heartache all the more pogniant. Love to you my dear dear friend.

Jill said...

Thinking of you and Joseph!! XO

Salma's Visual Notes said...

always n my thoughts.