Monday, October 10, 2011

14 and 8

14 years ago.. we decided to commit our lives together. Like most of you who read here.. for better or for worse. You already know what the worse is...

8 years ago we had a party.. A celebration of our love and married. We bonded our lives fully in the circle of life.

2 years ago this Friday we had our first born after many years of trying and hoping...
7 months ago we celebrated his brothers birth... our second child our rainbow.

There have not been a lot of "easy" days in these past 2 years... but I can tell you that united we stand for that better good of holding on.. Nobody can break our bond... not even death.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Yes.. that is you in there... with our love! We will celebrate your birthday with the Arizona walk to remember this year. All of our friends will be there along with your momalene, auntie Jill and of course mommy and daddy.. we love you sweet son. You amaze us.

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Ashley said...

What a special photoshoot that was. I had never before and have never sense been in a shoot more filled with love and tenderness. Just like you and Paul. My love and prayers and more to you all.