Saturday, August 13, 2011

Every Ounce Counts

With all the feeding issues our little dude has had from go... he is gaining weight again! Feeding therapy, GI specialist combo has finally started to work.. Knock on Wood we hope to be leaving behind this minor (although annoying) complication. Like a prize fighter we weigh in every Sunday to chart the growth. Still in the 7th percent.. YES hence the term Little in our dude.. he is strong.. He like Mighty mouse saves the day every time he pushes to eat that "extra" ounce. We have started him on solids a bit early to help. If he has a bad bottle we get to try to spoon feed him oatmeal.. His willingness to give it a try is so cute.. He smile so wide that you can almost feel the cheers from around the world each chance he has at a successful feeding. So proud I am and so thankful to have the care we do for him... As he so playfully lays here talking to himself in the mirror I smile and hope and begin to dream of moving past the reflux worry. Go Jonathan... you can do it Mr. Amazing.

Joseph can you hear momma? keep the pressure on to help your little brother grow strong and forward. I keep seeing you hold his hand in strength and support as he masters yet another skill and milestone


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

Oh my little J, aren't you lovely.

Brandy, I am happy to read this update. He looks strong and healthy. I hope the reflux issue will be a distant memory soon.

Lisette said...

Hooray, glad he is gaining a little weight. He is just to precious!