Friday, June 10, 2011

As far as my heart goes...

Sometimes when I feel my heart beating... It reaches to heaven and back before it beats again. Often my heart fills with such joy... My heart over time larger. It has big patches of comfort sprinkled with sorrow still. I never knew how complex the heart to be. It is greedy and I'm glad about it. It is soft for compassion. It knows when to push on and when to fall back. It releases the ability for love.. in any form.. to understand how unconditional and simple everything really is. As far as my heart goes.. there is no greater love than my family. With my husbands arms wrapped around and Jonathan cradled in tight by my side... Our hearts beat back to heaven to kiss our sweet Joseph and surround ourselves in this light.

As far as my heart goes.. there is limitless love.

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Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

As far as my heart goes...I can love more than I have ever loved before (I think I appreciate the smaller things more)