Monday, April 18, 2011

Joseph Dream

I love dreams.. especially the ones where Joseph is there.. I had one last night.. and I woke with tears in my eyes.. It was perfect.. and right and beautiful. The dream was brief but I remember every second. We were in our living room (all of us.. Paul, Jonathan the dogs and me) I had JJ on tummy time and was watching over him.. Paul sat in our rocking chair and on his shoulder what Joseph... He spoke.. He said "I'm going to wear diapers until I'm 128 years old" We all laughed and Paul smiled at me while I looked up just in time to catch Josephs sweet face.. His little nose and perfectly big cheeks.. I winked at him... My wink must have caught that tear that slipped from my eye as I rose to feed our JJ again. I spent the next hour playing this over and over and over again in my mind.. yes he will be 128 and still in diapers.. but also that he is so loved and gifted to seek us in our dream.. to play a little joke and to give me some rest. Ah, the gift of him. I've been waiting for this dream for almost a year.. as he has been silent when I rest. Grateful that I woke to him again. big warm snugly love.

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Ashley said...

Beautiful. Thanks for always sharing your heart, as it is also beautifuL!