Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sliding into home..

It began... on Tuesday morning.. contractions that felt a little harder than normal.. I had a Dr. apt late that afternoon so I thought I write down the times of each.. I was having about 5-6 per hour. I went to the Dr... he took one look at me and said... Mom, you look like you are having a bad day lets put you in the hospital overnight and monitor the baby.. Okay by me.. knowing in a few short days he was to arrive... what a better way to spend the time.. being watched. I got in around 6pm and they checked all the "stuff".. the Dr. on call said.. I'm not sure I like these.. I was having contractions every 3 or so min now... She suggested we do an Amnio and if it was clear we would have our little guy on Wednesday.. Okay I thought just a few days short. After the Amnio even more contractions this time... labor for real.... (more later on this story) Needless to say by 10 I was being prepped for the C-section no time to wait for the results of amnio.. off we went..

I have to say I had a great C-Section .. I was awake no drugs other than the spinal block of course... He came out so easy.. and I got to hear him cry.. OH THAT NOISE BROUGHT ME TO MY KNEES... He cried... My SON cried.. my forever child... His scores were 6 and 8 on APGAR.. not to bad for a 35 weeker.. He did great at first and then got really tired.. They had to take him to the NICU...

Jonathan had to be put on a C-PAP machine to push the air in and out of his lungs.. but no extra oxygen was needed... he was doing great.. We spent the better part of 2 days this way and then...... ready to come off only to find that he did not know yet how to eat... This process went the way of feeding tube.. and then slowly slowly to bottle..

I am skipping a bunch of detail to keep the story short.. After 1 week.. He was allowed to come home to us. Today is the most wonderful day of my life. I am so happy and so grateful.. and just SO everything MORE than I ever have known.

Joseph can you hear mommy? You did it little guy.. You landed your brother safely in our arms.. you carried him with you in heaven until he was ready to begin... His life exactly 18 mos to the day you were born. Heaven is wonderful. you are amazing and I am So in love with you. Mommy.


bibc said...

sobbing with relief and happiness for you. thank you for being a wonderful friend to me-now go be mommy!!

Lisette said...

Such a blessing, I am so glad his stay in the NICU was a short one and that he home with you now. CONGRATULATIONS once again, he is perfect!

Lisa S said...

He is precious and I am so glad he is healthy and home with you. Glad your c-section went well.
congratulations to all!

Jill said...

Hi, I've been checking in to your blog now and then for awhile. I live in Gilbert and have an infertility blog (now sort of mommyhood). I am so happy that you are able to bring your baby home! Many congratulations to you and your family!!

Melissa said...

COngrats that is fantastic!