Sunday, March 27, 2011

Significance of One Five


We took Jonathan to Joseph's Big Boy Place today...
I cried...
We put our boys together... again. So Joseph could be the proud big brother we all know he is..
I wept...

There is so much more to this story... the one that began on the 15th of October in 2009.. The day our first born made his way into this world only to touch down so briefly. He stained our hearts with love forever.. not knowing then the power of his number 1 and 5.

Joseph held his brothers hand the entire 8 months of my pregnancy.. He kept him safe in heaven until he let go his Jonathan and delivered him into our arms... Also on the 1 and 5. He knew he needed to get him here.. safe and the only date he knew to do that was the 15th..

I am in awe of him.

The boys are 18 months apart "exactly" and again... they show the power and the significance of all of our journey.. of all of our hope of all of our everything.

The SAME Dr.. who delivered the horrible news regarding Josephs brain and lack of oxygen and the need to let him go... was there... to discharge Jonathan from the hospital (different hospital) You see.. the circle of life came around even for the Dr's involved in my life.. Our story touched her so deeply she came to Josephs funeral... and then took our picture to show the world... that we made it round... Of course it was her... Of course she had just transferred to the hospital Jonathan was just delivered in.. Of course she remembered us.. Amen.

I can't say enough about the power of our One and Five.. but I can tell you that this is just yet another Peek into what really has changed our lives..

For all that there is bad there is good. for all that there are no answers for... the answers come.. For everything needed to be known.. is.. For there is love

My boys.. together you are unstoppable.. One and Five... One and Five...Love mom

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Lisette said...

Wow, so powerful. What a blessing.