Monday, March 21, 2011

Almost Home

Hi there everyone, this is Jill again. Wanted to give you a quick update on Jonathan and share a photo. Brandy and Jonathan are doing wonderfully and both are expected to be home Tuesday. I have been to the hospital everyday to see my beautiful nephew and to share in the joy with both Brandy and Paul. My baby sister is awesome!! Jonathan is absolutely the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen. His little noises are so cute. Brandy sometimes refers to him as her "little squeaker". Her smile is so big and her eyes sparkle so beautifully. We are truly blessed. I am sure once she is home and settled that she will be filling you all in on the details of the past week and of course sharing more photos.


Lisa S said...

Oh he is beautiful! Congratulations to all!

bibc said...

OMG how did i miss this! (my blogroll did get effed up and you were missing but thats no excuse!!) Im so sorry I'm just getting to you now. HE IS GORGEOUS BRANDY! he looks like his big brother. LOVE to all of you and i cannot wait to hear more.

Lisette said...

He is beautiful!!!