Wednesday, January 12, 2011


There is nothing better than sleeping in your own bed with your husband and 2 dogs curled up for the night.. Thankfully I was sent home from the hospital and have been directed to modified bed rest at home. I am 27 weeks tomorrow and if we get extremely lucky my body will hold out for little Jon at least 8-10 weeks more. I am blessed because my work is allowing me to work from home and my house is all geared up so I have everything one could need at my fingertips.. literally. I look like my own personal geek squad. I have 2 cell phones, my lap top, keyboard adaptor, mini mouse, house phone, all the chords to plug in in case of battery failure.. My Doppler (of course) blood pressure machine, medicine to keep contractions at bay and YES my 2 wonderful dogs.. but all they do to help is drive by for kisses every now and then. I feel great and our guy is doing alright. They would like him to be a bit more active so I've taken to kick counts already and need 4 an hour. He does OK but I might slowly drive myself mad with worry if each one is "enough". I try to keep my arms moving and my legs flexed as to not atrophy too much.. All in all you will find me with a smile on my face and a determination beyond what I ever expected myself to have. Thanks for all the good wishes - the prayers and love WORK.. I go to the Dr 2x a week now.. once for NST and once for fluid check. I'll check back in soon.

Joseph can you hear mommy? You are doing a great job holding your brother and checking in... you are amazing as always and there is not a moment that I don't think of you each day. Love you big boy.. mom

Little Jon are you listening? Stay baby stay and if you are in trouble you tell momma.. I am listening to you every step of the way - grow baby grow.. love you so very much, mommy

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Lisette said...

So glad to hear you are home and that your work is working with you. Praying and praying for you ((HUGS)) from CA.