Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I've never really had a big chest.. with all the working out I do there has never been anything "there" so to speak.. That is why I am laughing at what they actually might be IF I was not a work out freak. Yesterday I ordered an on-line nursing bra. I measured myself to make sure I got the right size and then left a little wiggle room just in case. I almost FELL OFF THE CHAIR... when the size I needed to buy was a 42 E... yes.. did you see that number? And then even more comical was the fact that you can order a 42 E,F,G (hence the room to grow) My sense of humor is juvenile I know.. but Boobs should not be this SIZE.. but now that mine are.. I just think it is funny.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Love you little man - with every ounce that I am.. Mom

Jonathan are you listening? Test today are you ready? Grow baby grow and stay with me.. I love you so much... mom


Monica said...

Hehe. I'm afraid mine are going to smother me while I sleep. How's that for juvenile? haha.

Hannah said...

Nice. you probably NEVER thought they'd be so wonderful.

By the way, I decided to "talk" to my sweet baby in utero...you have inspired me to connect more.