Saturday, January 29, 2011


The closer I get to the due date... the closer I feel to Joseph. Parallel worlds are starting to collied together in this beautiful symphony of love. I feel both babies so close to my heart right now. I see Joseph and Jonathan together nestled into my soul. They are buddies and they are near... it is a sensation I've been having daily. Maybe it is because I am getting closer now to delivery.. maybe it is just nesting... I don't know for sure but I can say... It is a hover just above what I can't see or reach.. but I can feel it... Quiet.. perfect.. beautiful... warm. I am closer to everything... my husband.. especially as we continue to grow so strong. Closer to my feelings and being open about my fears but also not being afraid to dream. Closer just closer to everything almost within reach. Positive forward momentum needed. Don't let the negative slip in.. Don't let the past surround you.. see it and feel it and it shall be. Closer two brothers can or will ever be. Beautiful.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I feel you near me so close watching and hoping and loving as you are. Know that I am right there baby.. for you always. momma.

Jonathan are you listening? Hold your brothers hand and play.. I will bring to you this world when you are ready... love surrounds you. mom.


Christy said...

This amazing sense of peace is our gift from our angel babies, I believe. It has gotten me through this pregnancy so much more grounded than I ever expected. Though I have fears, I have loved in confidence this little one growing inside me....knowing that his big brother is taking care of him until we get him. REading your post, I feel the same as you. Wishing for you a beautiful rest-of-the-pregnancy. Take care!

Christy said...

Brandy--I just noticed your due date is my sweet Chase's birthday.....I didn't realize that. Will be watching and waiting with you.....xoxoxoxo

Salma's Visual Notes said...

Hang in there Brandy, you're almost there.

Jill said...

Love the closeness and peace that you are experiencing!!!