Monday, December 6, 2010

Right between us

Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care... Last year we bought Joseph his own stocking and took it with us out of town. Too soon to stay here with all the holiday happenings. It was a nice way to celebrate even if it was without him. We put tiny treasures in the stocking to remind us of what we were thinking this time last year including the cards to him. So this year when we put up our stocking it was already filled with memories of Joseph Henry. I really like to look inside and pull out each decoration, something for his big boy place, and ornament. It felt like they were his things and his little life although not here was being celebrated and remembered. The tradition will happen every year and we will add to the collection of little treasures and cars. I love my son and miss him so much. The sting comes back just a little with all the flood of holiday cheer. I wish he was getting messy in the kitchen with me while baking.. I wish he could play with the things we bought just for him. For now.. I will be happy in knowing that he has his own stocking... hung by the chimney with care.. and nestled in between mom and dad forever.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I love you little guy. I miss you more.. I just miss you more. Love, mommy.

Little Jon are you listening? Keep growing baby. You are doing so good - keep in there as we will gladly wait for your arrival. Not too soon please. Love mom.


Jill said...

LOVE the stockings! xx

Ashley said...

beautiful as usual. love you.