Friday, December 17, 2010

Momma Clause

In 5 days I will be 24 weeks. A week after that I'll have my next ultrasound to check on little Jon's kidney issues and have my glucose test. This is the first time I've thought ahead without the crippling fear that usually stops me and makes me think of just today. He has regularly started moving now and has wiggled right into my life. I am measuring fine (although by the looks of this picture I think he is huge) I've added a few pounds of goodness around my backside too. I feel warm and motherly, proud and happy. I am almost ready to start working on the nursery again. This is the first Christmas I've ever spent pregnant and I guess I feel a bit like momma clause. Viability is a blink away that is my Christmas wish.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I woke to sounds of your tiny kisses outside as it rained in the early dawn... I wept with love and thanks for you and your gifts.. love mom.

Little Jon are you listening? Yes we can have cookies for breakfast... and hot chocolate... I love you so much little guy.. grow grow grow so big... love mommy


Lisette said...

You look beautiful!!!
Hooray for 24 weeks. I am right behind you (20). I am glad that you are able to feel Jon wiggle away it is the greatest feeling ever. ((HUGS))

Jill said...

I have never spent a Christmas pregnant either. You look SO wonderful!!!!!!!

Maureen said...

Are you kidding you are gorgeous pregnant.....I looked like Mrs. Piggy but I know you wouldn't care how you look as long as Little Jon is growing and healthy.
Merry Christmas my friend and keep those pictures coming.....
Love and Blessings, Maureen