Sunday, December 26, 2010

Adventure in OB triage

Everything is fine... started having sharp pain in my low abdomen earlier this week. I thought it was dehydration or something.... Then it progressed into I can't lay on my side... where I'm supposed to be laying. Pain while standing after long periods of sitting.. Pain while laying after long periods of standing... Off to the Triage. It was nice to know we could actually just go there rather than have to wait for the Dr to open tomorrow. Comforting that I knew little Jon was ok it was momma I was worried about. Turned out that I have my placenta may be growing into the scar tissue of my previous c-section. Not usually associated with pain but.. that is what hurts. And while monitoring me I was having some pretty good contractions. Outcome... Motrin 600mg every 6 hours to calm the uterus down and take the pains away. I thought you couldn't take Motrin while pregnant but they said it is ok but sometimes diminishes the fluid (and Little Jon needs a lot of fluid with is kidney issues) UGG. Agreed to take 400mg of Motrin but will only take as needed. I have to go back to the hospital on Friday for a Non stress test and fluid check again. Never a dull moment... Happy that all in all everything is fine and I got to meet an on call Dr at the hospital I'll be delivering at who deals with High risk patients... He could not believe that I had not been in to see anyone yet and meet all high Risk docs at the hospital so I'll be making an apt for that very shortly! Also good news was my regular Dr. was on call and got to understand a little more of what was going on with me. Whew.

Joseph are you listening? Keep a close eye out and let me know if anything isn't right again... I'll be sure to take your hints no matter what. I love you bigger than Heaven.

Little Jon are you listening? It was so sweet to see your face today and comforting to feel all those movements... now you are head down I know what all those thumps are. Be gentle with your mommy... I love you little one with all my heart. mommy


Stephanie said...

THANK GOD you and baby boy are alright! I about flipped when I read your post! Praying for you girl! Lots of down time and rest and no more pain!

Lisette said...

I was worried too when I seen the title. Thank God you and Jon are well. Take it easy and rest.

Curls O Fred said... glad you and Jon are alright! Glad you got to meet some more drs. you might be working with, and know I'm thinking of you. Hang in there!!