Thursday, November 11, 2010

What We Do

What we do is pick ourselves up. What we do is help each other cope. What we do is against all odds to continue... to smile.. to love.. to open our hearts.. to live and to be alive in our life and time. The power to think positive wins. In each dark day there is light. In every hour of need there is prayer. I don't know where this resilience comes from. How deep in my heart I still believe. No wind can blow me over... I just won't budge. I got good results from my new Downs test yesterday. Little Jonathan Cooper only has a 1/3668 chance. Those are better odds than I was first given so I feel wonderful. Yes he still has issues and yes we will watch him closely.. One day at a time. One moment to live... One hope to bring. Shine all my light on him today. At least we know when the sun sets... it will rise again tomorrow.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Beautiful my son... I love you

Little Jon at you listening? As I wait for your sun to rise. You bring me joy each day. Gain strength in our prayers. I love you... mommy


elena said...

Such beautiful words! I love this! Thank you for posting this. The sun will definitely rise. Thinking of you *hugs*

Anonymous said...

What great news about Little Jon, Jon Jon, Jon Boy, J-Dawg, YOUR LITTLE BOY!!!! Brandy, I don't know how you do it either, but not only do you pick yourself up, but all the rest of us. We lean on you because we know you are a rock. A ray of hope in any dark tunnel! Like I said, God knew just what he as doing when he created a woman like you- putting an angel on earth for the rest of us!!!

Salma said...

One day at a time my friend.
I agree with are a one in a million. *HUGS*

Lisette said...

The sun will definitely rise tomorrow my friend. I am glad to hear the down tests results came back negative--hooray!!
One step at a time, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your attitude just inspires me ((HUGS)).

Jill said...

Beautiful words!