Monday, November 1, 2010

Bed Rest Buddy

Give him an inch... he takes a mile. Love this dog. He has been my source of comfort and help. I'm not on real bed rest... just modified to lay down most of the time I'm home. PJ the smallest 90 pound dog you will ever meet thinks mom staying home is the best thing... I agree.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Love you baby... you fill my heart with pride and joy.. Miss you my son if only we had more time. mom

Little Jon are you listening? Grow baby grow mommy wants you to stay. Come to me forever and I will love you for always. Love you baby boy.. mom


lis said...

hugs, brandy i have been thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

You are truly beautiful Brandy. Beautiful in every way. What lucky boys you have!

Once A Mother said...

you look wonderful, and what a lovely bed rest buddy you have. keeping you and your little one in my heart. xx

Jill said...

So cute!!!!

Curls O Fred said...

glad for your companion :) thinking of you.

Lisette said...