Saturday, October 30, 2010

Work Work Work

Well there is something to be said for keeping the mind occupied. I have just been given a promotion at work and am excited to start my new role. It is still hard for me be believe that they would give me such a role.... only because in my mind I'm still so young. HA HA I then remind myself that I'm not THAT young and oh yeah I've been working my butt off to do this for a really long time. So much has happened the past few years that I almost forget how fortunate I am to have work and so much of it. It has been a place of refuge for my mind. This is a huge chance and even more so given the circumstances I'm in right now. The days seem to go a little faster. The time not so still. My mind able to focus on others and tasks to be done. I am going to be so busy that my mind will be relieved of its duty of worry for this pregnancy. Oh, it will still be there on nights and weekends but to escape your mind for a while and concentrate on something totally not related feels like a breath of fresh air.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Good morning beautiful... keep after your brother for a while longer and remember how much you are loved and missed and thought of here. mom.

Little Jon are you listening? Sweet music to my ears as your heart beat dances on the Doppler. Stay baby Stay.. I love you to the moon and back. mommy

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Lisette said...

Congrats on your position!!