Friday, October 8, 2010

Put and the SCH

First and foremost... our little baby PUT is doing great and growing exactly on track at 13 weeks... Baby was doing flips and flops at the NT scan and kept showing off ..ahem... certain parts...Needless to say they are 90% certain that our Put is a "HE". I feel so blessed that I am having another boy. It warms my heart to think I've got another little guy in there. I know I know it is still so soon and anything is possible but.. he was REALLY showing off and I think they are right. In other good news.. NT scan showed perfect and along with our blood work we are told that we are going to have a healthy baby...

For the not so good news... mommy has a 4cm sub chorionic hemorrhage that is in a not so good spot. It is right behind the placenta. That itself would not be concerning if I was not still bleeding bright red blood.. They found that IS from the placenta now completely covering my cervix causing Placenta Previa. As you know Joseph died because my placenta abrupted... so this leaves us feeling so nervous. Dr's prescribed rest.. rest.. and more rest... We were also told that the two situations.. abruption and this are not related just really bad luck.... So I will Work from home when I can and do as little as possible. I go back every 2 weeks to monitor. Pray all is resolved by 20 weeks... and just hope right along with us that everything is going to be alright.

Joseph can you hear mommy? It is 1 week from your birthday - so many people are coming to celebrate your day - around the world others will be lighting a candle or sending off balloons from different locations. I can't wait.. I miss you and love

Put are you listening... Stay baby stay.. Keep growing away. I saw you showing off already and I am So in love with you. mommy PS we are working on your name Right now don't worry.


lis said...

oh, a baby boy.
what lovely news to get this week. i have been thinking of you and im so sorry that i haven't been around to support you but know that i have been reading and sitting next to you in spirit. thank you for the email and for the information. i was driving at the time and i ingested it all at a stoplight. you caring about me means so much. and don't think for a minute that i would celebrate T's birthday without remembering your amazing Joseph. i think of him more than you know.

Curls O Fred said...

fun news about the gender! that's hard to hear about the sch. hope it improves and you get better news in this next appointment. will be thinking of you...sending love.

Salma said...

Praying, praying, and Praying. Another son, how wonderful.