Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Cherub and Mother Nature

I dreamed what felt like 10 seconds just before I woke from sleep. I was playing indoor soccer and the coach would not put me in because well.. I'm supposed to be on bed rest. Needless to say I was mad anyway and slammed my shampoo bottle down.. it exploded. Why I had shampoo I will never know. Anyway because I could not play I went back to my room in a hotel that had 10 beds to a room.. I was looking for the bed I was to have and everyone kept telling me no sorry.. not this one.. I Finally found my bed (inside a wall) and had to climb up a rope to pull my body into the wall. (yes I said wall) The bed was nice and looked really comfortable and I remember telling myself it was like a safe little womb. I settled in and then noticed that above my bed was an opening to something else. Standing on my tip toes I peaked OVER the celling and to my left was a cherub. At first I thought it was a baby doll... and then the Cherub looked at me blinked.. and then Blew GOLDEN dust out of his hand into my face. Just as the sparkle of dust began to fall it illuminated another bedroom. Filled with purple satin.. mother natures den... She rose from slumber and looked directly into my eyes. She said to me "Your wish will be granted". Then I woke up. What an awesome dream. I hope it comes true.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Was that you blowing me kisses in my dream? I felt you so vividly. You make me feel proud and warm. I love you baby... mom.

Put are you listening? Stay baby Stay - Grow and become the one who I can take home forever. You are in all my thoughts and I love you so much already. Mommy


Christy said...

I don't think I have ever remembered that much detail from a dream. That is sooooo cool. I hope it comes true, too....it will!

Salma said...

I hope it comes true...been dreaming a lot lately as well. I wonder if they are indeed messages.

Lisette said...

What a beautiful dream. It is a sign of good things to come. ((HUGS))