Friday, September 10, 2010

Get off the Bus.

Thanks so much for all of your good wishes and prayers. I go back to the Dr. on Monday so for the weekend they told me modified bed rest. I can still go to work but for the most part I need to be laying down or sitting with my feet up. NOOOO PROBLEM. I still feel so worried... but I got to see little baby b's heart beating away... He/She is still in there and going strong. I am feeling a little better today having read lovely comments and emails from all of you who are such a big help to me. I absolutely love this community of friends.... It is amazing what words can do to the heart.. the mind and the body. I go to therapy... that is also a wonderful place for me to find support and help getting turned in the go forward positive direction. Last night I was told to think of my emotions as a bus.... I had to tell her who's driving the bus (Fear) and then to think of a name for Fear... (I am sure you can think of LOTS of names that go with FEAR...) so when fear drives my bus I can yell at it to GET OFF THE BUS... thus taking control and putting whomever I want in the driver seat (HOPE)... needless to say that is a very good tool. I've had lots of fun filling my bus seats with so many good thoughts that FEAR and failure and all those other terrible emotions have just been BOOTED RIGHT OFF.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I saw you last night as I visited your big boy place. I felt your tickle of warm wind across my cheek. I love you my son.. always mommy.

Little baby B are you listening? Hope drives our bus and we will bump off all of those that don't belong together. Forever my love... mom


Lisette said...

I love that!!! I am glad that the baby's heart is going strong. Praying and wishing you all the best. ((HUGS))

Maureen said...

I like that, I hope it's ok for me to steal this one. I get so many great comments from what you write. You are correct when you say words are powerful, they tear you down or build you up. We say we don't care but deep down we do care what people think and say. Reading all your friends comments you have a TON of people that love you and care about you and I am one of your biggest fans!!!!! Much love and prayers coming your way...........GiGi

Anonymous said...

Your bus!!
I'll drive when you need it, or push...just keep it moving forward mama, like you always do!!!
Love you!!