Friday, August 13, 2010


I got a huge whiff of him... something that I have not had in a really long time. I often go in the nursery for anything I can think of... I put my scrapbook things in there and we have moved in a glider for sitting... Even though Joseph did not come home from the hospital I smell him in there sometimes. It happened again this morning as I was finishing getting ready.. I passed the nursery on my way out the door and Wham whoosh.. Love. The biggest smile landed on my lips and I just released the deepest sigh. It is just the little things like this that make me so happy... One Whiff and I know he is safe and warm and happy. I have not been able to smell him in a long while and thought the sent had faded. I'm so glad it is still there allowing me in just for a moment of love and a hug from heaven.

Joseph can you hear mommy? All my love to you sweet little one. Every breath I take for you to know forever my own. Love, mommy.


Lisette said...

That is so wonderful. I just love when things like that happen. I am glad he made you smile today, ((HUGS)).

Ashley said...

Oh Brandy, you're such a good mom. What a blessed little boy you have...can't wait for some girl time tomorrow!

Once A Mother said...

those moments are such blessings. I know what you mean - Peyton never came home but I smell her there, in her room.

Thinking of you xx

Jill said...

What a blessing. Love when things like that happen. xo