Friday, August 27, 2010

Days of the week.

The days of the week keep turning.. Each day I look forward to the next. Monday I was filled with fright... Tuesday I was back to the gym... Wednesday I was so tired from Monday that I just made it... Thursday went fast and busy.. Today I sit shaking my head that just a short week has gone by and all my emotions have been used to the fullest. I tried to open my sisters garage door with my opener.... I boiled eggs and forgot about them for an hour. I flooded the bathroom because I used the sink we had not yet fixed knowing ... it had not yet been fixed. I yelled.. I cried... I slept. Sometimes the days of the week fly by.. Sometimes like this week each day feels like a different year. I got Josephs Birthday cards in the mail today... I bought them from Carly at Red bubble... just love her work so much. I can't wait to celebrate his day.. Oh, how loved he is..

Joseph can you hear mommy? Almost my son... almost 1. I miss you baby boy and see those teeth you cut.. what a cute smile. I picture you with dimples. All my love mom.

Baby B Jean are you listening? Float in the love that surrounds you... Know how much you are loved. Grow to the beautiful soul I know you want to be.. mommy.

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Lisette said...

Weeks like this are just so hard. This week for me wasn't the easiest either. I hope the days get better for you. ((HUGS))