Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Part of learning to live again is feeling the fresh air on your face. Yesterday we went on another kayak experience. This one a little more free from the guided tour. Two hours.. Two kayaks and the Salt river in front of us. We saw a hawk several blue Herring and then.. just when the river opened up there they were. Wild horses. Probably 10 of them just drinking from the river. White, Gray, Tan. So fresh so sweet so carefully placed it almost felt like they were put there for us. They let us come close.. Maybe 20 feet never moving never caring as the river passengers floated by. So beautiful... so poignant... so healing. Fresh faced and feeling like we have accomplished something a new day dawns.

Joseph can you hear mommy? I felt you there in the front of the kayak giggling away as the wind and water passed through. I love you my little one.......... until forever, mommy.


Once A Mother said...

what a magical experience! gives me chills (the good kind) just to think about

Lisette said...

That sounds like such a beautiful experience.

elena said...

Amazing! I am glad you had such a wonderful experience :)