Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Commitment..... It is the combination of DESIRE and discipline, the vulnerability inherent in admitting you WANT something and the BELIEF that it is worth working toward. TRUE commitment.... to a person... a cause...your own well-being is the SUREST way to achieve your DREAMS... I have the desire to bring new life into this world whole... alive and happy. I have the discipline to understand that this is my journey in life and it is accepted as much as it is loved. My vulnerability in admitting that I have infertility and strive every day knowing that my belief is that I am meant to be a mother to many children. Everything I sacrifice is worth it... all the grief.. pain.. tears.. hope.. love.. all of it. I am TRUELY committed to my family and the making of it bigger. This is my CAUSE and the surest way that I know to achieve my dreams is to never give up.... not the hope... not the love.. not the desire or the passion.. not the gifts and not until we are compleate.

Joseph can you hear mommy... I committed to you many months before you were conceived and again during our precious nine months together... More over... the eternal commitment I am to you as your mother. Until forever is never long enough. I love you... mom

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