Thursday, June 3, 2010


In the quiet part of the night it shines through the window... blinking heavens love down on all the ones that sleep with hurt. The moonlight lifts out the sorrow of missing your children and fills you again with the power to hope. Rest little one.. Rest. Press the silent tear to be absorbed on the pillow case. Ease your mind in sleep and let the dreams take you to where you want to be. The moonlight caught my heart with a beautiful dream. Joseph in the car seat next to his sister giggling and having a good time while I drove us camping.. We had a fun filled day together in the night and I woke beaming from the gift.

Joseph can you hear mommy? How beautiful you are. Growing stronger to show me such love. I see you my son and feel all that you are in heaven. Love mommy


Anonymous said...

Joseph just wanted to show you what kind of good times he and little sis are having up in Heaven. He's saying, "If I have to give this up to send her to you, you better make it this fun!!!"
Just so you know, I still have the highest hopes that we have daughters waiting, and that they are running and holding hands, swinging, giggling and whispering together, until the day they leave each other's friendship and come to their mommys. Then we can Reintroduce them.

Antoinette said...

:( this made me tear up....thinking of you sweetie..xoxo

elena said...

What a precious gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.

love and prayers