Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Baby News

I have not talked about a fellow blogger friend of mine before... Some of you who follow may know Kerry at "Her own pace".

She and I actually are friends from childhood. Her family lived right down the street from me and we played from ages 3-12 years old... when we all moved. Her two older sisters are actually my age and we hung out all through high school. So pretty much I've known Kerry all my life... This world is so small and even smaller in the community of baby loss. It is her blog and words that got me going onto mine. It was her loss of baby Andrew that I grieved over (while I was still pregnant) It was only after Joseph died that I re-connected to her. She is an amazing mother. She has passed on so much hope to me over the past 8 months.... given countless books and advise for things that helped.. We have bonded over our sons and believe that sweet baby Joe and Andrew are the best of friends in heaven like their moms were then.... Anyway.. onto the Good baby news

the GOOD NEWS is that she gave birth to a healthy happy baby boy... Her second son born on Friday June 4Th is Joseph James.. after her grandfather. Her family has grown from 4 to 5. With two children that walk on earth and one that shines from heaven.

Kerry - you are blessed and have been so strong for everyone. You have helped in so many ways and I am proud to call you my friend. Joseph James is so beautiful and tears of Joy flow from my eyes for all that you are.. have been through and are doing now. Amazing.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Hold Andrews hand today.. whisper to him that I love him so much too and play with him for always.. buddies in heaven forever. I love you mommy.


Lisette said...

Wonderful news!!! It is sad that you both have gone through this loss together but it is great that you have eachother to get through those rough days. I hope you day you will have a healthy baby in your arms to hold on too. I think you are an amazing friend that is always happy for other's. Take care and God bless you always. Tell your friend that I said congrats!

Elizabeth said...

That is wonderful news! I'm happy you have someone in real life to go to with your feelings and connect on a deep level. I'm sure your boys are the best of friends. God Bless! *hugs*

lis said...

thank god