Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Eight months today... Joseph was born. It had happened already as he came into this world at 1:30am. Fighting. In heaven he is playing tickle feet. In heaven he is happy baby. In heaven he is standing on his own already... I know because I can see him so clearly in nature. I feel his whispered I love you.. as if he is nestled next to my ear. So vivid are the sightings that when the sun rises or sets I wait to notice him. As a cloud drifts by or the wind picks up I wait. I know and I breathe it in. Surrounded by his love. For all the beautiful feelings I have of him I still have all the normal... why not here.. how come not now.. why aren't you living and doing all those things. Deep sigh of I know.. and I know becomes resilience.

Joseph can you hear mommy? My big boy in heaven already touching so many hearts.. I bet you are the baby bully pushing your way into everything up there.. Making sure you are in charge and helping out whenever you can. I miss you my little one.. Sweet baby Joe - I love you... mommy


Jill said...

Happy eight months, Joseph! What a beautiful picture.

My life said...

Thinking of you today. I love that picture as well!

Lisette said...

Happy 8 months sweet baby boy! Keep sending your warmth to your mommy.

Salma said...

Love and hugs.

lis said...

eight months
i love how you still keep him close. i know it's so hard, but your love shines through on every post and i just know it shines even more in your day to day life. Joseph has an awesome mommy