Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There is an eclipse of the moon coming.. and I've been told to watch out for it. The eclipse for most means very good things.. and for some reason with each eclipse it means disaster for me. So in the coming few weeks I will let this moon eclipse with peace. I am not in turmoil and I am not waiting for questions from the universe to be answered.. it is calm here in my heart and mind... Note that this is the last eclipse for a long while so I can say this without worry. I will enjoy this darkness over the moon this time and watch as the light comes back once again. This will signify my new beginning for brighter times and hopefully a fresh IVF cycle on the cusp.

Joseph can you hear mommy? The carpet in your room is the softest in the house... Emma dog lays in there every morning. I go in to pet her and it makes me smile at how close you are to her too. Big love and hugs and smooshy kisses to you .. mommy.


Jen said...

I am not going to lie, I saw Eclipse and thought we were talking twilight :) haha.. I am certainly praying and so ready for brighter times too..praying for it for you too!

Salma said...

*hugs* Waiting for your Rainbow.