Saturday, June 26, 2010


Feeling better after that last post. Sometimes it just takes me down. I am back to feeling in my new normal self... happy for the most part and ready for whatever comes next. Thinking about all my blog friends and all the friends from grief group as well the infertility community. Each one of us has individually so much on our minds... somehow collectively.. its not so bad. I entered a drawing at a local clinic that is today... It is for Free IVF! Holy Crap I hope I win. The Dr is a new RE (fresh from how to make a baby school) She may have some new perspective and I am generally looking forward to today.

********I did not win free IVF..... but ah well it was worth a shot ***********

Joseph can you hear mommy? Lots of love my son shining on you. Until forever, mom.

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Salma said...

Wow, that would be amazing if you won. Looking forward to hearing about your appt.