Monday, May 17, 2010


Just the tip of his fathers fingers touching his sons infant hand. Sometimes my heart hurts but with longing for my husband to have had more time. More time to be his father.. more time to be his son. To play baseball. To sleep on the couch... To sneak out to fast food when I wasn't watching. To love. He only got a tiny little tip. When I see him now I know what he is thinking and feeling and how often this little touch and go love has nestled into his heart. More than mine if possible.. more than most I can tell. His life like looking at an iceberg where you can't even imagine the enormity of what lays underneath or in this case.. in a life. Filled completely in 1 day.

Joseph can you hear mommy? 7 months old already.. I know more about you each day and your love keeps spreading out.. growing.. holding into so many lives. I miss you my son... Love mommy.


Jill said...

I wish all those things for my husband. Our babies time here was just too short. xo

Elizabeth said...

Men do seem like an iceburg. They tend not to show much but there is tons under the surface if we take the time to look. *hugs*

Salma said...

One day...hours...minutes. It's too much to think about sometimes. Thinking of you.

Once A Mother said...

When I think of all my husband would have been as a father, it makes the loss of my daughter even more unbearable. I can so relate to this post. I am so, so sorry.

elena said...

I am so sorry that your husband did not get as much time with Joseph. Sometimes I think it is difficult in a different way for our husbands because we are the ones who carry our babies in our tummies. They do not have that time that we do as mothers.

love and prayers