Sunday, May 16, 2010


I remember when I was little and I could use that phrase.. and everyone would abide by it... "Times" like a pause in action mid motion and nothing could happen to you because.... well "times". Somewhere in a tender sweet moment with my husband yesterday I felt just that.. We were at a friends graduation party enjoying all the day had to bring. Good friends.. good food.. lots of people around who love us and care so deeply. Just one of those days you wish you could stop and just say "times". I enjoy the people in my life so much. It is those tender soft stolen moments when we are out in a large group of people that make my heart melt with my husband. The stories of my childhood and young adulthood coming out. As I grow on in this life I cherish every second I have with each person... to care for the time as a new good memory to share later in our lives together. Each journey different for us but still we Circle each other in hope and life. I had a good time with everyone. I am so deeply moved by our friendship and caring. All in the name of hope and love.

Joseph can you hear mommy? Sometimes I wish I had a "times" for you too.. and the day we had all together as a family. I bet yesterday you were resting on my shoulder as I spoke of you with such pride. I miss you baby.. and love you all the days that there are. Love, mommy.


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What a beautiful post. I am so glad you have moments like that in your life, and such a great husband and family. You are truly blessed! I know exactly what you mean when you talk about wishing you had "times" with your little Joseph. *hug*

love and prayers